COVID 19 Policies: The wellbeing of our guests and associates is important to us. Rooms and Restaurant are to be cleaned through fogging machine. We are constantly updating COVID - 19 guidelines from World Health Organization and the local health departments. We are also coordinating very closely with all local government health authorities. As abundant precaution we are training our associates on CoV-19 prevention and surveillance.. We are taking zero compromise hygiene and safety measures. We are taking proper steps to sanitize all our staff and guest contact areas such as rooms, restaurants, kitchens, public space, associate facilities etc. We care for your safety.
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Tourism in its modern form is not the same as travels of the early periods of human history, In the language of Jews, the word “Torah” means study or search and “tour” seems to have been derived from it. In ‘Latin’ the original word ‘Tornos’ stands close to it. ‘Tornos’ was a kind of round wheel-like tool hinting at the idea of a travel circuit or a package tour. In Sanskrit, ‘paryatan’ means leaving one’s residence to travel for the sake of rest and for seeking knowledge, ‘Deshatan’ is another word which means travelling for economic benefit. ‘Tirthatan’ is the third equivalent which means travelling for religious purposes. Read More

Double Dose Vaccination Certificate and RCPCR Negetive Report is mandatory for all Honoured Guests.


  • Banabani (Resort and Restaurant) Ballavpur (Bolpur-Suri Road) P.O- Sriniketan- 731236 Birbhum, West Bengal, India